About Us

Karakalpak Palace Hotel is locate in the center of Nukus city, at the Islam Karimov Avenue. The world famous Savitsky museum of Arts is located in a five-minute walk. There are also Amphitheater, Central market, number of shops and boutiques, cafes and restaurants nearby our hotel. At the same time the airport is situated only around 2 km away from the hotel.

Nukus is the capital of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. There are many ancient historical monuments in our region. The most famous and interesting ones are: Ayaz-kala, Toprak-kala, Gyaur-kala, Chilpik, Mizdahkan and others.

Our hotel was opened in 2018. We provided the best interior for our guests: new modern furniture, equipment, bed clothes and so on. Our hotel can accommodate guests and offers economy and luxury rooms with extended comfort.



Karakalpak Palace Hotel offers:

Our prices:

Number of beds 1 2 3
Number of persons 1 pers 1 pers 2 pers 1 pers 2 pers 3 pers
Price For the citizens of Uzbekistan (UZS) 300 000 300 000 500 000 400 000 500 000 600 000
For foreigners 30$ 35$ 55$ 35$ 55$ 75$
Number of beds Comfort Lux
Number of persons 1 pers 2 pers 3 pers 1 pers 2 pers
Price For the citizens of Uzbekistan (UZS) 400 000 550 000 600 000 500 000 650 000
For foreigners 40$ 60$ 85$ 45$ 70$

* The additional Tourist's fee is not included to the price

Check-in time: 12:00 P.M.

Check-out time: 14:00 P.M.

In case of early check-in or late check-out the full cost of one night is charged.


Joanne Thong from Singapore

Thank you very much for the hospitality and excellent service! I enjoyed staying in this lovely new hotel and highly recommend it to all travellers. Quiet and cosy room with AC was a salvation in hot summer.

Bill Barnes from United States

This is a great hotel with lovely people. I like the service and the food. The location of the hotel is also great - easy to get to Savitsky museum, many cafes and shops around. Hope to come to Karakalpakstan again soon!


Islam Karimov Str., 114, Nukus, Karakalpakstan

(+99861) 222-58-58

(+99895) 601-58-58